Global Catalyst Grant


How does it work?

Each year, Global Agents  raises money through our fundraising cycling tours (“Riding to Break the Cycle“), directing the funds towards innovative, sustainable solutions to global poverty. This year, we’re looking for the best ideas to support for two of our summer 2011 tours: a) 4000km from Amsterdam to Istanbul and b) 3000km from Vancouver to Mexico.

Funding for projects is between $10,000 CAD and $30,000 CAD, over a period of 1-3 years as the applicant sees fit (subject to a maximum of $30,000 CAD over 3 yrs), and all recipients also receive an unrestricted $10,000 CAD funding for leadership alongside the approved project funding. Decisions will not be prejudiced by the size or term of request.

This is huge opportunity for not only funding but also local and international exposure. As the recipient, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your project with the ride team, who will be evangelizing your project’s message as they fundraise and tour.

We would also like to help your organization invest in itself. If you are chosen as a grant recipient, there will be further discussions on how we can support your project through exposure, connections, or expertise.

What’s this about an unrestricted $10,000 CAD for leadership?

We are looking for young projects and organizations that aim to have an ongoing impact in addressing poverty. We understand that as your project grows, your capacity as an organization needs to grow as well – we’re OK with that. Think of us as an angel investor and pitch us on the social value of us investing in your organization! You’ll find a section of the application asking why your organization could use this funding, and why now is a good time.

Who can apply for this grant?

Your organization or project leader must be under the age of 30 to be eligible.

When does the grant close?

All applications must be received before 9:00pm Pacific Coast Time on September 8, 2010.

How can I apply?

Click here to complete the Global Catalyst Grant application form.

What is Riding to Break the Cycle?

Riding to Break the Cycle operates international bike tours in support of sustainable solutions to global poverty. To date, Riding to Break the Cycle has raised over $200,000 CAD and has run seven major tours internationally since 2007. Each year we launch amazing cycling journeys providing an unparalleled opportunity to build a mobile community and learn about yourself and the role you play in the world, while raising funds and awareness for global poverty. With weeks together on the road, we hold discussions on the projects we’re supporting, our role in global development, and how we can be better global citizens. Riding to Break the Cycle is operated as a program of Global Agents for Change.

What is Global Agents for Change?

Global Agents for Change (Global AFC) is a registered charity based in Vancouver, Canada. We mobilize young people to explore social issues and effect change in their local and global communities. Locally, our social leadership and innovation programs inspire and equip young leaders to identify their passion and implement practical solutions. Globally, we channel this energy into impactful, long term investments in education and enterprise development, enabling individuals to pull themselves and their communities out of poverty.

What happens after I submit my application?

All applicants will receive notification when it is received. After this unfortunately we cannot contact all applicants about the status of their applications, but those in the running after this first stage will be contacted with any follow-up or clarification questions within one week of the deadline. The projects selected will be notified before the end of September.

When will the grant be received?

All grants will be disbursed in late spring 2011.

If we are chosen for the grant, what are our responsibilities?

If your organization is chosen, we expect simple quarterly updates and a more comprehensive final report on the progress of your project and organization, so we can better understand our impact, and how to help you and organizations like yours in the future. We also need a presentation or materials for the riders on our bike tours, to help facilitate discussion on why your project makes a difference and where their fundraising is going. This is a great opportunity to get the word out about your project, as each rider will be telling many people about your project before and during the ride.

Bike tours? Sounds awesome! Can I come?
Absolutely! Sign up by completing the Riding to Break the Cycle Application. For questions about Riding to Break the Cycle and the application process, contact

I have questions. Who can I ask?

Contact our Global Catalyst Grant team at


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